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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of electronic communication as websites for social networking through which users create online communities to share their information. Primarily covers activities involving social sharing of content, videos, and images for marketing purposes.
Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social networks are extensions of ourselves and what we do there reflects on us no less directly than how we behave in real life.

How technology is changing Social Media Marketing
Active social brands quickly learn that the demand for social content always outpaces their resources. Solution? Technology.

Learn how to do:

  • Create content once, then launch it everywhere
  • Target customers by region and language
  • Assign secure user roles that turn social into a true team effort
  • Test, measure, and analyze campaigns in real time

Businesses across the country have chosen the JEM Links, Inc. to seamlessly integrate everything they need to promote their business online, from Facebook or Twitter marketing and social monitoring, to email, search, and more.
Turn social media into social marketing with our proprietary technology

All businesses are not created equal. When it comes to local marketing, you need a strategy that’s as unique as your business. And that’s where we come in.
We can provide you with a social media marketing audit and customize a social media marketing strategy especially for your business. Your presence in social media requires regular maintenance, updates and connections.
You’re busy, let expert content creators and brilliant social media innovators manage your profiles for you. Simply email us the updates. We will bill you at the end of the month.

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