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Without a modern website you don’t exist

What if your potential customer wanted to know everything about your company, but all they had to go by was the information on your current website? Would they “get” your personality or have problems navigating to what they need to know? In current times, for a vast amount of your customers the first thing to do when they find out they are at need of some sort of service or product, is to go and google it. Now think what happens next. First of all you want to be in the first few google results that will be displayed. That will increase the odds that instead of all the others, people actually choose your website to visit. Modern websites help your website climb higher in google results making it more noticeable. Let’s assume that the potential customer chooses you. According to research Nielsen Norman Group has done, users often leave Web pages in 10–20 seconds. To gain several minutes of user attention and convince the customer to take your product or company into consideration, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds.

Older websites tend to have limited animation, less graphics and more strict text. That makes them not that appealing to people who want to get what they are looking for in 10 seconds. You might think that having your contact information and some text about your company is enough. Well it is when the customer has already decided and all he needs is to contact you. But you’re losing a great deal of ones who are still searching for the right company. That’s where modern website’s tricks come to use.

The improved visual design of a modern website establishes the initial perception of your brand and therefore your business. Attractive and easy to navigate websites with proper content will reduce website bounce rates (where someone comes to your site and immediately leaves) and increase engagement of users. Integrating your website with other online presences e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter etc. not only helps in developing them further but also makes your business appear as more professional.

Right now more than 60% of all google searches are made on mobile devices. That’s an enormous number. Older websites are not constructed in a mobile-friendly way and thus making the user experience often unbearable. That’s why nowadays we use responsive web-design techniques, making sure your site delivers regardless of what type of screen it’s viewed on.

In conclusion a modern website that is unique to your business will work with your brand and reinforce what you are trying to achieve. If that is what you want then contact us and we will introduce you to your new high tech website. A website that by providing an enjoyable and valuable customer browsing experience will give your customers the right message about the kind of business you are and attract them for all the right reasons.

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