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Newest trends in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As 2016 comes to an end we can tell there have been many noticeable new trends in SEO. As percentage of mobile web users crossed the 50% mark and keeps growing, the search engines completely shifted their interest from desktop to mobile users. That is greatly reflected in the way they rank pages.

1. Video content has become the most significant factor when it comes to ranking and has a bigger potential for virility than any other type of content. In fact, if you aren’t using video content on your product pages and in your company blog, you’re already behind the times. Video content is only going to become more popular, so get moving.

2. Mobile optimization. While that was enough to stand out is the search world not so long ago, now it has become common and a must-have as long as you want your website to stay visible. This aspect is so important to Google that it is said that in 2017 in order to maintain their position websites will need to meet the newest AMP standard which Google is working on. An AMP website is a next level of a mobile website. One of numerous amenities it can provide is e.g. allowing users to reach crucial information from your website without even visiting it.

3. Local resultsLocal SEO has undergone a handful of overhauls in the past few years, and it’s likely that new technologies (like wearable tech) will increase the importance of local results even further.

4. Share abilityWith an escalating importance of social media, search engines started taking greater interest in ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ the website receives. One of the best ways to generate more visibility is to have your users share your products. Have them share reviews. Keep them engaged with social opportunities throughout your site, and your visibility across search engines and social media channels will thrive.

5. Voice search/digital assistantAs Google’s philosophy is making surfing the web on mobile devices as easy as possible voice search makes a significant difference when it comes to ranking websites. More and more people rely on voice search, and every major tech company seems to have their own digital assistant. That’s some bigger arsenal and not really something you can adjust in couple minutes or even days but definitely worth mentioning since it greatly increases site visibility.

Remember the rules keep changing and keeping an eye on what plays the key role in placing your website high in search results is crucial to maintain visible in The Web.


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